Hi! I’m Prasad Lendwe

His Early Life: In a small town called Malkapur, there was a tiny shop for tea and biscuits where people would come by and halt for a cup of tea and toast. In the very shop, little Prasad would witness his grandfather manage money and supply products according to rising demand and come up with some outstanding marketing plans that are taught in B-Schools. He started learning demand-supply and Investment. His thirst was emancipated when he was in high school when he heard about Stock Market Investment. It was the summer of 2010. Prasad and his friends were teenagers back then, wiping their time with not a care in the world. Their days involved studies, school, and friends. They lived in a bubble, and whatever happened in the rest of the world never really affected them. Every Sunday, a friend would bring some financial newspapers like The Economic Times to their hangout. Back then, the internet was not as popular or all-inclusive as it is now. Information was not as readily available. For Prasad, the Economic Times acted as a window to the outside world and generated an insatiable curiosity. It led him on a quest to acquire knowledge, and read anything he could get our hands-on. From books to old editions of magazines, he scoured it all. Bit by bit, the importance of financial knowledge became glaringly obvious.“Our vision is an India where every individual is financially aware. We dream of the day when everyone will be able to plan out their own finances, take investment decisions on their own and be otherwise financially independent”, said Prasad.

His Journey:

 YouTube Journey: YouTube channel started in 2014. Back then, all he wanted was to share some knowledge with his friends and loved ones. Little did he know that his family would soon grow to encompass more than 1.4 million subscribers. It started off with sharing knowledge – from the basics of investment to the details of the stock market. Then, he decided to branch out and include case studies and the developments in the business world. After all, financial awareness is not only restricted to knowing the basics. One needs to know what is happening in the world out there. It is Prasad’s motto to protect his family of viewers and everyone else – make people safe by making them aware. Apart from the main channel, Prasad has also launched other YouTube channels, namely FinnovationZ Updates, FinnovationZ English, and FinnovationZ Marathi, which focus on different categories of videos in different languages.

FinnovationZ Journey:  FinnovationZ, a company, was officially formed in 2018. Taking forward his vision of spreading financial awareness, Prasad has come up with a series of courses designed for amateurs and beginners. From the basics of the stock market to more advanced topics like fundamental and technical analysis, he has covered it all. Prasad plans to introduce courses in the different vernacular languages as well, for maximum reach. He has created an all-inclusive platform where people can learn about investments. Most of the content is free, and some of it is premium. He wants to enhance the learning process and make financial knowledge as easily available as the latest Bollywood gossip. This is the story so far. From a small company of 2-3 people, FinnovationZ is now a slightly larger company with a team size of 40. Prasad’s mission continues and it will continue until he realizes his ultimate goal of a financially independent India.

The Road Ahead - FinnovationZ to Convey: So, what is Prasad Lendwe planning next? These days, the influencer can be found in his Hyderabad office, working on the launch of two new products – Takeoff and Convey. Takeoff is India’s first B2B mutual fund distribution platform. The rationale behind this product is based on Lendwe’s own experiences. Takeoff will provide a seamless and easy onboarding process to companies, corporates, proprietors, and more. From easy registration to swift redemption, Takeoff offers it all. It holds within itself the potential to disrupt the fin-tech space in India. Convey is the new platform to learn, practice, and invest in the stock market. Through their Beginner to Expert Free Stock Market series, you can learn the stock market from the basics. You can check it out here. This series is found to be the best on the internet to learn about the stock market for free. With Convey, Prasad’s vision is to provide a safe space where potential investors can learn the basic concepts, take quizzes to find out where they stand, and then practice their knowledge in a simulated environment. This, he believes, will instil confidence in them and place them in an optimal position to make capital gains.


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